We are constantly assessing postal charges to get the best possible prices. Due to the varied size and nature of the products we sell and stock availability (not to mention where our customers are) we have found it to be cheaper for our customers if postage is calculated on what is ready to ship - for this reason it will not show up in the shopping cart. While the following might look a bit complex, we have found these methods to be the best value for you, the customer.



 Australian Customer
 International Customer
Decals, Photoetch, Model Kits, Resin Accessories, Canopies, Paint, Books 

Under 250 gms

At cost $3.00 minimum

At cost $8.00 minimum

Under 500 gms

At cost $8.00 minimum

At cost $16.00 minimum

Over 500 gms

At cost $12.50 minimum
At cost $34.00 minimum

A note on packaging:
as modellers ourselves we know the importance of ordering a model and having it arrive in good shape. This is even more crucial with delicate items such as resin parts or photoetched brass and all due care is taken to ensure that your order comes to you in good condition.

Whether an order consists of one item or many, it is wrapped, packed and taped to minimise movement in transit. We want you to be able to open the box and start modelling. However, it's good to know that in case of any problems, we have a simple returns policy which gets you back to your workbench as quickly as possible.

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