Get More for Your Modelling Dollar

SANDLE Hobbies is proud to announce a new Rewards Program so our customers can save even more money on what they buy at SANDLE Hobbies.

How do I save?
There are two ways you can access your savings, either through the Rewards Club or just by being a regular shopper at SANDLE Hobbies. The more you shop, the more you save. See below for how it works:

Rewards 1:

Spend at SANDLE Hobbies
Bronze Level
$400.00 - $700.00
Silver Level
$700.00 - $1,000.00
Gold Level

Rewards 2:

Join the Rewards Club
Product Code
Cost Per Year
Bronze Level
Silver Level
Gold Level

Note: All Prices are in Australian Dollars

When do the Rewards start?
Once you reach a level, your discounts start on your very next purchase.

Can I upgrade my discount at anytime?
Certainly you can, but full prices will apply. In addition, we will automatically upgrade you as soon as your spending qualifies you for the next level.

How do I join the Rewards Club?
Simply follow the link to the secure form and follow the prompts.

What about at Model Shows and club meetings?
Yes. Special arrangements will be made so that you will get your discount if you are entitled to one and that your purchases will be added to your ongoing total. Simply mention that you are in the Rewards scheme when you make your purchases.

1. Rewards Club membership is individual and non-transferable.
2. The Rewards Program runs over a financial year. That is, any purchases made between 01/07/07 and 30/06/08 attract the rewards benefits the member has opted for.
3. Rewards Club membership runs over a financial year and may begin at any point during the year but full membership cost applies.
4. Australia has a Goods and Services Tax (GST). Australian customer's purchases will include the GST component while International customers will not.
5. Only shipped merchandise and/or payments will qualify towards merchandise tiers for additional discount percentages. Second-hand merchandise sales will be added to a customer's ongoing total but will not be eligible for a discount. Postage is not included and will continue to be based on the full retail order value.

All membership information will be used solely by SANDLE Hobbies and will not be sold or rented to any other organization.

Program Changes and/or Cancellation
The program may be changed or terminated at any time without notice.

Questions or comments about the Rewards Program?
Please speak to one of the SANDLE team:
Within Australia: 02 4393 9572
International: 61 2 4393 9572

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